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Repair, Replenish, Relax


Vivian Bresnitz, LMT/CPT


I have been serving the Western Massachusetts community, offering pain relief, stress reduction, improved range of motion and grounding energy work through Therapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular and Polarity Therapies since 1989.

My practice focuses on customizing each session to enhance your health and well-being. I bring a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and kinetic movement, a keen observation for assessment, active listening and an intuitive sensibility in understanding the body to the needs of my clients.  In addition to being fully trained in Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, Neuromuscular and Polarity Therapies, I became a Certified Personal Trainer in 2012, allowing me to educate and assist you with strength training, improving balance and achieving weight loss. 

“Vivian is absolutely wonderful. Her massages are amazing! She takes such time and care during each massage. Awesome pressure and knowledge of the body. She genuinely cares about your health and well being. I look forward to every visit. She's the best!”

- Erica M., Westfield, MA



Office Location:

Northampton, MA

By Appointment Only.

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